More About the Experience 

A Deeply Revealing and Rewarding Process

Venita has been an unwavering presence to me these past few years as I explore the hidden contours

of my own humanity. Her commitment to supporting me in recognising and appreciating my own

compassionate witness has been a deeply revealing and rewarding process. I am a more open, loving

and connected human being as a result of Venita’s skill as a coach, confidant and guide. 

And my everyday presence and acceptance of my life’s unfolding fills me with an experience of joy

that is a testament to the beauty of Venita’s way of working.

Richard Harmer, PhD, CEO/Consultant - Melbourne, Australia

Clarity and Potential

Venita’s very presence is a natural conduit for human development. Her highly developed ability to recognize and normalize the transitions and challenges of later stages of development is rare and potent. Work with her reveals clarity and opens potential. 

Melissa Ransdell, Purpose Agent, Melissa Joy Strategies -  Seattle, USA

Changed My Life Personally and Professionally

My executive coaching experience with Venita has changed my life personally and professionally.

I took a leap of faith and started Faith Acts for Education in October 2014. The extremely rewarding startup experience of fundraising, building a team, and building power in an underserved community took a heavy toll on my mental, spiritual, and physical health. Venita directs me through breathing exercises to relieve stress and stimulate mental clarity, encourages self-care, helps me heal from traumatic experiences, redirects ineffective and unhealthy habits, and helps me think and feel my way through important organizational decisions. I feel more impactful having worked with Venita!

Jamilah Prince-Stewart, Executive Director, Faith Acts for Education, Bridgeport, CT, USA

Expansive Recognition of What Matters Most

Venita holds a strong agenda-less and compassionate view that allows so much old noise and static to be illuminated and dissolved into simple pulsing Presence.  Her listening is profoundly psychoactive, and her nimbleness of attention and awareness provide a weekly bridge into ever more expansive and yet simple recognitions of what matters most...

Scott Schwenk,  Consultant/Coach - Los Angeles, USA

Exceptionally Loving and Strong Container

Venita is a genuinely outstanding practitioner, coach, and guide, having supported my later stage personal developments and explorations over a number of years. She has and continues to hold an exceptionally loving and strong container for me to dive into the most deep enquiries and has an incredible gift for her instinctive knowing of how to subtly challenge me. She does this with deep care and wisdom. Her only downfall is massively under-charging for her exceptional skills.

Jon MacDonald, Executive Director, Royal London - London, U.K.

Powerful Presence and Deep Listening

I enjoy witnessing Venita's powerful presence and deep listening,

and I have enjoyed her transformative work on my mind, body, energy and spirit.

When I walk out of her sessions, I encounter a lighter, expanded way of thinking and being.

Nadia Waber, Consultant & Co-founder, GTC Africa - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A Pioneer of Consciousness

Venita Ramirez is a fully embodied Renaissance person: a social scientist, a mystic, and a highly intuitive and compassionate teacher. But above all, in Venita I see a pioneer of consciousness,

and harbinger of our better future. 

George Por, Founder & Co-Editor, Enlivening Edge - London, U.K.

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