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Awakening Body, Mind & Spirit

Timeless Methods for Experiencing Infinite Freedom & Fullness

Aliveness, Fulfillment and Freedom

Open your body, heart and mind to the Clear Light of Loving Awareness 

Research on both ancient and modern human development indicates that there are clear avenues for evolving human consciousness. People tend to grow through a fairly consistent set of benchmarks on their way to conventional understanding, expanded awareness and non-dual awakening. From this view, the mystics of every culture experience similar phenomena and arrive at similar timeless truths.  What's more, they rarely arrive at their awakened state by chance. Likely, they have good teachers and follow particular directives to help them see beyond the constructed nature of consensual reality.


With more than thirty-five years of experience supporting thousands of individuals from many countries and cultures to free themselves from limiting beliefs, tensions and patterns, I can support your path to wholeness. We'll work with your breath, subtle energy, belief systems, awareness and embodiment practices. Through our time together you will have the opportunity to expand and refine your consciousness and awaken to a more vital way of being human, revealing your greatest potential, and clearing your mind, heart and soul to receive and to give all that is possible for you. See what people say about these offerings.

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