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Simple Breathing Practice

Bring Your Attention to the Base of Your Spine. Let your attention rest there for a moment. Imagine breathing in and out of your tailbone or your perineum. Relax the muscles down through your legs as you rest your awareness on the base of your spine.

Now imagine a hollow tube about 2 inches in diameter rising up through the middle of your body. And then imagine inhaling from the base of your spine, up through the middle of your body, through your abdomen, your diaphragm, your chest, throat and head, all the way out of the top of your head. Feel the sensations through your body as you inhale. Notice where the breath gets caught or stuck. That is an area for you to tend to later.

As you exhale, simply relax and let go, back down through your body. Relax all of the muscles through your body including through your arms and legs. Exhale completely and let go as far as you can into emptiness. Just let go of tension, emotion, thought, and be free.

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