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Subtle Energy Boundaries

Western culture in general does not acknowledge the presence and awareness of subtle energy. Yet when we pay attention, subtle energy and awareness are part of who we are. Just entering a certain home, sacred temple or special place in nature, we often sense a particular presence or feeling. When we see a stranger walking toward us on the street, we often have a sense of their demeanor before we are close enough to see the details of who they are. Flirting and emotional relating convey a lot of subtle energy, which we can choose to return or not. Becoming aware of these energies and setting boundaries bring greater feelings of safety, well-being, self-trust and wise discernment about who, when and how to engage in various situations. These choices ripple out into all aspects of ones life.

Practice: Begin to notice the shift in your felt sense when you encounter different people and different situations. Notice how when you are around some people you feel more calm, when around others you feel more anxious, more heavy or more enlivened. Breathe in deeply to feel more sensation in your own body. Your body and your awareness through your body are like a tuning fork or a barometer with information about what kind of person or energy you are encountering. Rather than rushing into judgement, remain open and receptive. Stay curious about what is happening in your body and energy. Notice how you are comfortable standing closer to some people than others. When you encounter someone with whom you feel unease in your body, notice the subtle energy of that experience and experiment with finding ways to move further away. If for some reason you cannot move away immediately, begin to establish a subtle energy boundary by imagining and feeling yourself pushing the energy of the other person away. Sometimes this takes a kind of internal or felt sense of "strength" and practice. That is okay. Keep practicing and notice how your subtle intention impacts your environment. Setting subtle energy boundaries is a skill that needs a subtle muscle. Building this muscle take practice.

Photo Credit: GoaShape on Unsplash

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