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Collective Intelligence from the Causal Ground

Published in Spanda Journal and Co-authored with Terri O'Fallon & Geoff Fitch.

Excerpt: The collaboration of hearts, minds and consciousness on behalf of the collective well being of existence brings a new sensibiity and order to priorities and values. These individuals and collectives can see more clearly global systems, structures, institutions and individuals wo are both preventing and creating greater health, well-being and aliveness. From this place of clairty and openness, using all of the resources at their disposal they begin to creatne new structues and re-order current, usable structues, sytems and processes that work for all of life not just for their organization but for a universal embrace that encompasses as much awareness as they can hold. The transcultural human virtues of compassion generosity, humiluty, service, gratitude, beauty truth, and justice with universal care for the largest embrace imaginable are foundational assumption of everyone in this leadership collective." Read full article.

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