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Releasing the Potential of Our Life Force Energy

Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Published in Kosmos Journal 2015

"When the life force is vital and flowing in the human body, we can feel this life force physically, throughout our whole body as a visceral vibration or a healthy tingling sensation. We may also experience energy as rushes of subtle movement inside the body, or strong areas of heat that arise in us regardless of the room temperature. Emotionally, a healthy flow of this life force brings relaxation, passion, aliveness, and even euphoria. When a human being is open in this way, others can sense an expansive vitality that in turn, enlivens their own being. Relationships become more fluid, connected, natural and easy. When we are allowing the fullness and freedom of our own life force energy, we feel connected to ourselves and open to the energy and information that is all around us. Life seems to meet us with boundless opportunity. We feel, sense, and intuit the powerful alignment of our own life force with the force that moves through all of life." Read the Full Article

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