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Causal Leadership: A Natural Emergence from Later Stages of Development

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

A paper delivered at the Integral Theory Conference in San Francisco, CA, July 2013


“When you rest in primordial awareness, that awareness begins to saturate your being, and from the stream of consciousness a new destiny is resurrected. And whatever the form of your own resurrection, you will arise driven by the manifestation of your own highest potentials and the world will begin to change, because of you.” (Wilber, 1997, pg 296)

Causal Leadership is a way of being. It arises naturally, as a creative spark, from and through spacious awareness, aligning multiple visions, delivering creative resolution to “unsolvable” problems, and providing spontaneous intuitive direction beyond imagination. Opening and surrendering to this source of being, individually and collectively, at the most profound level of human consciousness, is one of the most pleasurable experiences a human can have. It is beyond the self and yet it includes all selves. And this is precisely why opening to this primal awareness as a leader and as a human being is so effective on every level, and why it rings true. It is the one element that unites us, the one we collectively share. Causal leadership is an experience. Words are only pointers, and yet the words we use, craft and define our experience. Through words, language, and beliefs, we shape and create our lives and our collective future. Similarly, through causal leadership, together we consciously and collectively have the capacity to create new ways of being, relating and functioning as a species. We can create new possibilities that meet the unprecedented requirements of our time, while envisioning a more elegant and generative future for humanity and for all of life. Through causal leadership, doing is done through us and by us, spontaneously, as wakeful collective intelligence. In this way, leadership is effortless, an emergence of the One seeing itself through the many, an act of grace that follows the natural order of things. Read the full paper.

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